Passion and experience
have always guided us in our work
With us technology
fused with craftsmanship
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Fonderia Marini since 1920

Our company is specialized in the production of iron castings since 1920.

In September 1999 we moved to a new structure improving our technology, organization and efficiency with new moulding techniques and casting methods. Since March 2007 we are certified for quality control ‘UNI EN ISO 9001’.

Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001

We certify that Marini Foundry S.r.l. complies with the requirements of management systems: UNI EN ISO 9001 (ISO 9001). This certificate is valid for the following aim: production of ductile iron castings and lamellar tailored for the customers.

Certificate OHSAS 18001

Fonderia Marini S.r.l. considers the person as a fundamental and indispensable element for the growth and the achievement of business objectives.


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Taken from ASSOFOND
National Foundries Federation.