The Foundry

We have been producing for decades lamellar and nodular cast iron from 20 kg to 12.000 kg with manual installation and mould preparation (sand and resin) in brackets, reaching about 6.000 T. year.

Always with new technologies, casting methods, the purchase of machinery, of warehouses and of logistics services, we can guarantee quality efficiency and flexibility to every need of the market.

To complete our customers’ service thanks to ten-year collaboration of international partners we are able to provide small castings in medium and large series from 0,1 kg to 20 kg.

Multilingual staff allows us to work with ease and efficiency at international level.

Forming on two lines for small and large castings.

Production area for cores suitable to satisfy every production need.

8 T electric oven. 7 T oxyfuel oven. Automated spheroidization treatment

10 T sandblaster


  • Construction of patterns made in wood, styrofoam and resin through 3D study
  • Storage area for patterns (specific hangar, with smoke detection system and fire-fighting system)
  • Heat treatment of internal stabilization and ferritization with tailored heating ramps
  • Free delivered service with our truck
  • Possibility of machining our products


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